March 16, 2006

Lens, length & Nikon

Ok, now I shall be nice.
I will, out of the kindness of my heart, and the pity that I feel for neophotogs, give this link -
It is useful for those wondering about how lens length works, I will advise however, this is dependent on the size of your cameras "film" this shows how these lens sizes work with a 35mm film, so if you are digital, recompute to your sensor size, it should be easy to find...interestingly some Canon cameras have full sized sensors, ( this merely means that the old lenses will have the same effect as they did on 35mm models.)

I will say that I have, I believe,a bias toward Canon equipment (esp. their lenses) Though in a spot, and in need of a camera, I have been known to actually use film.
in spite of my aforesaid Bias, I applaud Nikon in their forward thinking move in favor of digital. Elimination of all but two film based cameras in Nikon's lineup is deserving of praise...


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