March 14, 2016


With today's date recording the tenth year of this blog, I'd like to review where we've been.

Starting out in 2006 I was adamantly against film. Now my primary camera is film(Although I still miss my 5D3).

We've traveled to 9 countries over four continents. Traveled across 48 of the contiguous US states.

Gone through 8 (Main)cameras. Dozens of lenses.

From Hasselblads and HP photosmarts to Elans and iPhones, Its been a fun and blessed decade.

The God has blessed me and my family greatly.

There are adventures ahead!


March 10, 2016

Breaking the rules

The rules -are more like guidelines. In photography anyway.

The object of this shot, an African Wasp, breaks a cardinal rule by being centered... But its still a cool shot.