September 27, 2011

Ch!cago 2

Back to Chicago for a day trip. A monochrome day trip.




September 22, 2011

Oh!o 2

I do not usually care to post so many pictures at one time. That said here is Ohio 2

September 15, 2011

September 14, 2011


Although I took several trips up to Chicago I am going to keep the Illinois blog separate from any past or future Chicago posts. This will be Illinois minus Chicago.


September 11, 2011



The people of the USA, mark today as we remember the horrifying events that occurred 10 years ago. We honor the pursuit of happiness that the normal people who died in the planes and buildings were striving for. We honor the courage of the civil servants and citizens who risked their lives in the aftermath. We honor our military who have fought and died, allowing us normal people to pursue happiness. We honor our government, who is made up of "just people" who work hard to give the people a representative republic. We honor President George W. Bush, for making hard choices and sticking to them. We honor President Barack Obama for serving as commander in chief. We honor The Great United States of America. We honor God, as we turn to Him and rely on Him to keep our country safe and strong.

May God bless this great land.


September 8, 2011


I am going to continue the state by state theme until back to Oregon. It will be mostly in order of appearance. I may stop at a city or unusual site and showcase it. However since Phothogs 100th blog is rapidly approaching I am going to do something different to celebrate.

After the states I have a few great waterfalls to post. In fact as of late August I have visited and photographed every major waterfall along the North Umpqua highway! No small feat I assure you.

Anyhow enough notes.



It would seem that possibly Nebraska would be devoid of interest, especially on I-80, but I found much to interest. Here are a few pictures I took on the road.