May 23, 2006

Remember me saying something about designing a Gigapixel camera? well here is a link to a project that will use a 3.2Gp camera...

The future is coming large format...


May 22, 2006


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Class and style

I believe that there are very few ways of being poor(Don't confuse being broke with being poor) and yet still be "classy", a student or an artist being perfect examples, I, being both, understand the difficulty to keep up with style.

I was doing a wedding a few weeks ago where the dress style was nice-but not rigid, I was wearing acceptable clothing but many people there were not exactly "dressed up" for the occasion. after perusing the results of my work I wondered-why am I the one spruced up here? I know professionalism would not allow anything less, but thinking over the fact it seem ironic that the guy who is behind the camera should fit the situation better than most of the subjects...

Anyway I'll handle it and continue to be classy...


May 10, 2006

A recent trend

Hi there, I've been busy with non-photog stuff, (I do live a life outside of my computer.

Ok, down to business. A recent trend that I have noticed (and finally decided to comment on) is the use of infrared technology to get good pics.

Go ahead and use infrared as a tool, but don't rely on it.
too many wannabe-photogs are relying on infrared to get pics that look neat, but are not using their skills. Just because it looks different to the beholder w/Infrared, does not make it interesting to the people looking at the end product.

Sharpen your skill(or get some) and use as a tool, an asset, but do not rely on it to get your pics...