October 20, 2011

Old cameras and film

I recently spent time and money shooting a roll of film.


200 ISO through an ancient rangefinder... Like really old... Like maybe 1930's old. Anyway I was given a load of old film and I decided to see what this old camera was capable of.

Really a pain. But I definitely was more careful of the shots I took... (Not necessarily a good thing!)

I am not sure whether or not the grain is from the Walgreen digitizing process or the film...


October 18, 2011


Happy 100th Blog posting!!!

5 years, 7 months, 4 days... Or about a blog post every 20 days.


October 17, 2011

Gear torture

Diverting from the States! series(which I am rather tired of!), I
present you with an awesome picture....

Why, you ask? Because this magnificent oak tree was separated from my 50D by approximately 5 miles!

I will allow you some time to recover before I explain.

O.K., First I started with my 500mm Quantaray f/8 prime tele.
Then I added the 2x that came with the aforementioned lens.
I stacked a Vivitar 2x on. Then I duct-taped yet another 2x of dubious lineage on. That is correct, -3- 2x extenders. All different brands.

Time for some math.

500 x 2 = 1000
1000 x 2 =2000
2000x 2=4000

4000mm is impressive. No?

But wait there is more.

My 50D has an effective 1.6x crop factor.

So...4000 x 1.6 = 6400


Did I mention it was a long black tunnel with very little light at the end?

Wide open this is a f/64.

Stopped down to the max we find a tiny speck of an aperture: f/256.

 I love taking my photography to the outer edges of sanity!


October 14, 2011

North Dakota!

I did not stay long in North Dakota, but I snapped a few shots on the way through!

October 9, 2011

South Dakota!

 I must admit that before ever seeing South Dakota I thought that it would be a dull, boring state. Quite the contrary. I was impressed by the beautiful landscapes and the down to earth people!

October 8, 2011

M!nnesota 2!

Here is a collection of some more shots I took in Minnesota. Beautiful state.