January 11, 2015


I was organizing my photo gear this evening. A lot of what I'd been sorting through was not regularly used gear. In fact most of it is destined for ebay. Pentax. Olympus. Canon. Nikon. Leitz. Etc. So many systems!

But it is time to clean house. My personal gear took a significant hit in 2014. I figured it would be better to be debt free then have cool camera gear.

5D MarkIII? Gone.
50mm 1.2L? Gone.
Faithful 100-400? Gone.
100mm Macro? Gone.
24-105L? Gone.
580EXII? Gone.
50mm 2.5 macro? Gone.

I've even sold a good many of my CF cards!

The cabinet of other systems should clear the rest of my debt.

So what am I left with? Precious little. In the way of lenses anyway.

I purchased a used Canon 1DsII to replace the 5DIII.
I've kept the 17-40L
And now I have(Found in a camera gear lot) a 28-105 and a 100-300USM.

Not the best. But not heading toward deeper debt.

It'll do for now.