January 26, 2012


Lomography: The art of taking bad pictures.

Take technical perfection out of photography and you get lomography(Lomo). It is a way of expressing the emotions you feel toward scene or subject, better than with the traditional focus(pun intended) of photographic methods.

Do I have preference? Or an opinion? Yes. When I am feeling generous I see lomo like the impressionist artists of old.

But except for the occasion pinhole shot(See picture on the left) I'll stick to traditional methods.

The Moon at 7:31 pm

The reason in Black and White

I have been shooting alot in black and white. Why?

Is it that I am trying new creative styles?

Am I trying to catch variations that are lost in color?

I am making a tribute to the glory days of photography?

Wishing I was shooting Tri-X?


I am being abjectly lazy.

Busy really.

I am a couple of months from graduating.

I am not spending my time either watching for or correcting colors.

Just simplifying my life.

Its temporary.

January 11, 2012