June 30, 2016

Utility Cameras

The world of the utility camera is a humble one. It never finds it place as a main camera. It is a afterthought. Security/surveillance cameras. Go-pros. Live-streaming cams.

The have purpose and a use but never a prime spot. I have been working with a lot of pro cameras lately. All of the surveillance type. Honestly, while they are marvels of engineering, its hard to get excited about them. None of the thrill of unboxing a new SLR from Adorama. Or the slide and click of a new lens.

But they have a reason. And if they do their job properly, then we can get back to doing what we love. So I will impart words of wisdom, and possible setup a blog about a full install. But for now just know that, similar to the SLR world, specs should be taken with a grain of salt. Just because Canikon SLR has a bajillion pixels doesn't mean its the right camera(Are we still talking pixel count? That was so 2004!). A well built an properly integrated system wont give you the headache of poorly thought out gear with twice the resolution. and 8k video. and a espresso maker.

Hmm. Coffee...!