December 3, 2007

Golden Crowns

California Poppies close enough to touch, crisply te the foreground, drifting slowly into distant flecks of yellow among the green mountain grasses. Their teacup flowers changing from a rich clean yellow before gently melting to a warm golden orange at the base. The deep to pale green plant that support the flower is somewhat sprawling and sports slender alternate leaves. As the ground rises rapidly beyond the flowers in the top third of the frame a thin band of dark trees separate the field and flowers from the blue sky, the monotony of which is delicately broken by small, simple clouds scattered across the length of the firmament. And bold poppy, head and shoulders above the rest, raises its rebellious aurulent crown to join them.

November 28, 2007


In the harsh frozen extremes, the lush fertile interior jungles and the dry arid regions of this planet are areas and places that are quite outside the mundane.

And to experience this most will need to rely on words and recorded media. Here are a few pictures from the end of the world. These pictures are of Greenland also known as Kalaallit Nunaat.

I took these with a Canon 400d and 17-40L lens


October 13, 2007


As the year screams past, I wonder how it can go so fast, but I was considering that in two weeks I will have owned my XTi (400D) for exactly one year(It is true I had considered opting for the 30D or 5D but chose instead to put the money into lenses) not only am I happy with its performance and durability,(closing in on 30,000 pictures) it has helped me create some beautiful things, & allow me to help others to enjoy 2007 at a little slower pace :)

September 6, 2007

The busy pace of life is hardly appreciated anymore, all you hear is "take it easy" "slow down" and "you are going waay to fast" (imagine all these said in an slow southern drawl). I am here to say that life can and should be enjoyed at all speeds! if you spend your time trying to get life at the perfect speed you will never succeed(unless you're attempting to become miserable)So just as when life is leisurely and you have crisp clean focus and all the settings right, enjoy it as much when all you can do is crush the shutter button :)


August 24, 2007

Oh yes!!! Canon has introduced(along with the 40D)the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Digital SLR
A very "cool" camera, and one that I have been anticipating for a while...

way to go canon!


August 19, 2007

The Shadow

A shadow is the commonest of 2D objects, and are an integral part of life. As a photog "painting with light" is only half the story, the absence of light helps define, strengthen, and bring distinctness of the object into play.

However there is one shadow that finds its ugly way into many artist's work. Their own. Photographers can and do experience this quite physically, but sometimes an artist's work is tainted by their own self absorption and narcissism. Many artists fall prey to the notion that it is "their" art and a self centered attitude ensues. An artist's skill or gift is meant to glorify the One who blessed them with it in the first place, It is not merely a tool of self glorification. It can please, and be enjoyed by others, and allow them to give their Maker praise.

So just remember that if you are facing the Light, you will have your back to your shadow.


August 15, 2007

Of love and lenses (part II)

Beauty. It doesn't just happen, (you should have seen this swallowtail butterfly when it was a caterpillar!) and similarly it won't just happen in our relationships. few things on earth look as lovely merely surviving as a swallowtail. but when you, living your life, see something beautiful, know that it does not occur by chance. be enthused and stimulated by excellent things and be inspired to work for/on something in your life that could be beautiful...

June 20, 2007


ISO, High or low? like most things in life -It depends :)
This shot was taken at ISO 400

June 13, 2007

Tiger Lily

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come.

Song of Solomon 2:12b

May 4, 2007

Of Love and Lenses...

The funny thing about love is how much work it actually is, it is not, as it would seem, just fun, and pleasure. As I sat, a day or two ago cleaning my cameras sensor, it came to me, that the passion I have for photography is alot like the love of a relationship. It takes commitment to do the things that are humdrum, and boring (or worrisome and frightening). If I as a photog never cleaned my sensor, never capped my lenses, never protected my equipment from harmful environments, I would not stay a photographer for long! Similarly as the guy in a relationship, it is my duty, destiny and desire, to protect, cherish, and care for the one I love.

As I compose a picture in my viewfinder, as a hundred-no a thousand things come together, to create an image that is wonderful to behold, I appreciate the fact that the resulting image did not create itself, nor as such, should I assume that love can be had through the mere desire of it.

The beauty that is, is a reward to be had, but only when I have followed through on my part.
Give a woman the love, honor, commitment and respect that is necessary, and the result will be truly beautiful.


March 15, 2007


Is it good, is it bad? no it is Depth Of Field! Go here to calculate to your hearts content.


January 6, 2007

A Google Assist

There is a problem with Gigapixel cameras, namely storage, and with storage- sorting.
but Google to the rescue!!

January 3, 2007

Vision correction for fisheye

Interesting new lens
Here A corrected fisheye, of course there are security possiblities, but I believe it may find its way to the more interesting arena of consumer based cameras.