August 19, 2007

The Shadow

A shadow is the commonest of 2D objects, and are an integral part of life. As a photog "painting with light" is only half the story, the absence of light helps define, strengthen, and bring distinctness of the object into play.

However there is one shadow that finds its ugly way into many artist's work. Their own. Photographers can and do experience this quite physically, but sometimes an artist's work is tainted by their own self absorption and narcissism. Many artists fall prey to the notion that it is "their" art and a self centered attitude ensues. An artist's skill or gift is meant to glorify the One who blessed them with it in the first place, It is not merely a tool of self glorification. It can please, and be enjoyed by others, and allow them to give their Maker praise.

So just remember that if you are facing the Light, you will have your back to your shadow.


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