May 4, 2007

Of Love and Lenses...

The funny thing about love is how much work it actually is, it is not, as it would seem, just fun, and pleasure. As I sat, a day or two ago cleaning my cameras sensor, it came to me, that the passion I have for photography is alot like the love of a relationship. It takes commitment to do the things that are humdrum, and boring (or worrisome and frightening). If I as a photog never cleaned my sensor, never capped my lenses, never protected my equipment from harmful environments, I would not stay a photographer for long! Similarly as the guy in a relationship, it is my duty, destiny and desire, to protect, cherish, and care for the one I love.

As I compose a picture in my viewfinder, as a hundred-no a thousand things come together, to create an image that is wonderful to behold, I appreciate the fact that the resulting image did not create itself, nor as such, should I assume that love can be had through the mere desire of it.

The beauty that is, is a reward to be had, but only when I have followed through on my part.
Give a woman the love, honor, commitment and respect that is necessary, and the result will be truly beautiful.