March 17, 2006

Cameras vs. Time

Noticing over the last 6 years or so, the pricing of cameras, it is interesting to note, that while the actual camera is the same, over time the price drops considerably.
I know this is how supply and demand, economics, and the building of new technology, effects things, but it is an interesting thing to witness.

I remember the first Megapixel cameras, how it was such a huge deal. And now, aside from cameraphones, no one would be caught dead with a 1mp camera -well, maybe dead.

Canon's digital Rebel, 6.something megapixel, the first subgrand pro dslr on the market, can today be found in unused condition for around 400$. It is now considered subpro, that is not to say protogs can't use it, but I would be hard put to find a photog artist wanting anything less than 8mp.

I found, last year, my first digital camera at a thrift store. (this is probably a common occurance now in the larger cities, but I was waiting for it to happen, in my area)For nothing but historical value I purchased it, it was 2.99$ and was worth, as a camera, quite a bit less.
After fooling around with it, opening it up, laughing at the miniscule sensor, (It was a 0.1mp interpolated to a 0.2mp camera!) I looked it up on Amazon, and found that in 2000 it was being sold for 89.00$, after looking at comments I found that some people had paid closer to 100.00$ for this camera!

I wonder if some Photog will someday look at my Canon 5D or Nikon D2X and laugh... or will I someday see, in a thrift shop, a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and think, "kids toy" ? Time will tell...


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