March 16, 2006


What is film, grandpa? that is one question I am sure my grandkids will ask me, maybe my kids will ask me that, although some die hards, fanatics and large format nuts will probably be crawling around out there at that time.

I think, that although film is the best for large format, digital is cleaning up the medium format spectrum, and as for some (like the digital H1 haselblad) are moving into the large format sector.

I recently came across a moderately successful photographers website, while was successful, (this guy specialized in two things, architecture of old churches and a certain location in the U.S.)(I shan't give to many details of this guy, I won't be blamed for people losing interest in his art because of his archaic practices!)He had a total attitude about digital. (probably because he was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with it)
His excuse was that digital might be all well and good for family snapshots and all other "low" forms of his craft, but he worked in LARGE FORMAT, and could not possibly use anything less. The kicker was this- His large format was made to order.
He had his large format machine to be sure, but why not have large format digital camera be built to order!
I myself, in my own nontechnical mind have designed several gigapixel cameras... obviously there are many things that have to be considered, but it is totally possible.

"And perhaps (quoting from The Count of Monte Christo)some good can be had of this tragic affair" -A love affair with Film...


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