April 9, 2012

A Salt and Battery

Last Friday I was kidnapped.

I was taken by my lovely family to the coast. And we just stayed.

And stayed.

I was somewhat wistful thinking of the 7D that still sat at home waiting for batteries.
But I had my faithful 50D. Or at least sometimes faithful. The shutter jammed time after time. I would restart the camera and keep shooting. I stayed remarkably calm. And patient.

I explored the local mud flats across from the Coquille River Lighthouse. The tide was very low and I was able to get some shots across the flats and river. My camera was sitting in the mud/tidewater slush(as was Yours Truly). Of course being weather sealed it cleaned off just fine.

Friday continued and it became clear that we would not get home before late. Very late.

The sun set.

Pizza was decided upon for dinner. After which I insisted on being dropped off once again at the mud flats which were now cloaked in darkness. With me was my intrepid assistant who is always prepared(my brother) and who had happily brought a flashlight.

Having little time in between a rapidly rising moon, which threatened to mess up my exposure, and the rapidly rising tide, I compromised length and went with a mere 15 minutes.

I would have preferred a 30+ minute shot.

But it was late enough. As it was we did not get home til early Saturday morning. 

Sunday came bringing Easter with it. I was commissioned to cover a Easter Service. Actually parts of three. Still no batteries for the luckless 7D. The 50D only froze 3 or 4 times. After Easter dinner I found a Canon 300D(original Rebel!) in my hands and was instructed to conduct a photo session. Ah me.

Monday found the mail carrier running very late. Noon past. The USPS jeep finally crested the hill. Delightful.

First impression is that the 7D AF system is aggressive and precise.

To be continued.


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