April 4, 2012

A sad 7D Saga

I have always maintained that a competent photog focuses on his lens collection (pun intended). Camera bodies are great but are behind the lens in importance(pun again intended). As far as cost goes lenses are a way better investment and in the long run help us to get the pics we want.

My camera body evolution has thus been slow. And driven by need. I would rather spend the bucks on glass. Like the venerable 100-400L I've been eyeing.

In fact I was saving for the 1-4. Until my 50D's shutter started seizing. In all fairness it was only occasional. At first. Also the shutter actuations were approaching 95% of Canon's estimate (In comparison my faithful Rebel XTI/400D is still going strong at over 200% of Canon's estimate!). I still can use the 50D but the shutter had an uncanny ability to sense important moments. And seize. On my recent trip to Mexico I constantly missed shots. It was, to put it mildly, frustrating.

Enter the 7D. After much deliberating(Months of careful analysis and research) I settled on buying a 7D. I realize that it is relatively old having been intro'd in 2009. I also realize Canon is probably ready to intro  the 7D Mk II.

But I would have probably been happy with my 50D for years. I am easily pleased. Except at failure. So I got the 7D. Refurbished. On sale.

I get pretty excited when I'm waiting for new gear. This was no exception. It came yesterday. I savored the experience. I examined all the contents carefully. I lifted the 7D out. It was remarkably solid feeling. It was also very similar in size and look to my 50D.

I inserted the battery. Or at least started to. The battery was too small. It was a LP-E5. The 7D needs the LP-E6. I was crushed.

Actually I just started troubleshooting. As of today the company is shipping me the correct battery and charger. And I have another two and another charger shipping from Amazon.

I am waiting patiently. So is the 7D.


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