April 13, 2012


All week I have used the 7D. I have not spared it in anyway. I took it on my annual wild hawthorn photo-shoot. Which meant this year that the 7D was drenched. I eventually found cover from the pouring rain but everything was soaked through.

Ok, I have admitted before that I get my money's-worth as far as weather sealing. What about the other stuff? Video? Blah. End processing takes too long. Eventually I might try it out. Autofocus is vastly better than the 50D. Which wasn't too bad. It feels like I have a better lenses. Especially the 70-200. Hand-in-glove. Nice.

Ergonomics? no opinion yet. It is different but not in a bad way.

Favorite feature? I like the 100% viewfinder. I like the grids in the viewfinder. I like alot about this camera. But so far, and this is subject to change, the best is the Jpeg/Raw dedicated button. This is an amazing and innovative feature. For those not aware of this function, it turns on, for one shot, a simultaneous Raw and Jpeg record. It is my favorite feature.

A close runner up would be the pop-up flash. Normally I hate pop-up flash. I think I wrote on this blog about actually removing the pop-up on my Rebel. The 50D got its pop-up flash jammed or glued. But the 7D uses this pop-up flash to control speed-lights. Very cool. I messed around with it and found it quite useful. But I have yet to test it in a practical real application. Stay tuned.


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