June 16, 2015

Its a small, small world.

I was working on some plumbing yesterday when I saw a bug. I've done little with bugs since I sold my beloved 100mm macro. But this bug just sat there. So I pulled out my reverse thread lens adapter and threw my trusty 17-40 into action. I'll share the pictures eventually but here is my set up:

Canon 1DS
Canon 17-40L w/ reverse mount(Most pics were shot @ f/11)
A LumaPro flash communicating through a pair of Pocket Wizards. (Flash was @ 64th power most of the time)

So I kept my ISO high (400+) so my flash would recycle the same day and slow shutter to let daylight bleed in and make it look more natural, maybe around 25th of a sec? 

If you look closely you can see the subject. He crawled off a few minute after I was through. Very polite.


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