June 9, 2015

Dangerous Chemicals!

Film is dangerous my friends. This according to a helpful Walgreens associate. Digital is safe. Digital is protecting the store from dangerous film processing chemicals!

I went in this last Monday to the Walgreens next to my work to get a roll processed. I've run a few through their wet lab had was happy enough with the quality and speed. I was disconcerted to find a sign indicating that I was to put my film into a mailer and then it was to be sent away. I was then to return in 15 days.

No. Thank you. I called Walmart. No wet lab. The nice Walmart associate told me that only Fred Meyer(Kroger) has the only wet lab left in the county. And they have one hour service. Sweet.

So that is where I went.

But this disconcerting round of events is pushing me closer to building my own lab. I actually have many of the pieces. Picked up at random garage sales and thrift stores. I'll keep you posted...

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