January 13, 2017

The importance of being caffeinated.

It is a continual wonder to me how poor photographers succeed. They take bad shots. They lack creativity. They Photoshop the life out of their pics. And yet, somehow, they succeed. Clients return. Their business grows.

It is not the photography succeeding here. It is the business. The Photog sells not their photos but themselves.

Because photography (as I have explained to many clients) is not art or media. It is a service. As a service based industry, the capture, while integral, is not the end. It is cog, a piece in the larger workflow and mechanism of finalizing that said media and delivering it to the customers satisfaction.

That workflow has always been my greatest challenge. The creativity and skills that I have are the "easy" part. Pushing that gift past the "I got a good one" into "I got paid" is a tough road. But
it is(Or can be) also a skill, and creative in its own right. Once nourished and honed, will be the greatest asset in your photographic toolkit.

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