February 15, 2016

There and back again.

The proverbial "Kodak moment" is capturing a moment, a time, a place. Having the right gear and settings are crucial to the perfect snap.

And being there.

Today we're talking about getting there. Because all too often we sit at home waiting for the shot to come to us.

Transportation. The best and first phothog choice is obviously a STAP. But failing that we look at the next best terrestrial vehicle. The Toyota Land Cruiser.

Don't be put off by the current American wussified crossover grandma models. The heavy duty version is still alive and well in the more rugged areas of the world. It would be sad for its confused and weakling American cousin except it's too busy hauling people and gear across some of the most treacherous and difficult terrain on earth. And hey! That's where we as phothogs want to go!

2012, Africa. Land Cruisers abound. Because they can take the punishment the roads, or lack threof, have to offer. I snapped some of my favorite shots after having been transported by one of these beasts. I referenced this here.

2016, USA. My faithful Nissan Pathfinder got its fuel lines cut and fuel drained. On the subsequent start the fuel pump burned up. And while I am still looking to get it repaired, I saw an ad for a diesel Land Cruiser on craigslist. In Canada.

Papers. Insurance. Royal Canadian Mounties, Import duties, and our first real adventure with our daughter, finally got the Land Cruiser home.

To be continued... As all great adventures do!


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