February 28, 2014

Of Megapixels and Men. Or the death of the point and shoot and its subsequent rebirth in the form of an app wielding smart phone.

As the rise of the all powerful smart phone continues, a pleasant(to me at least) gulf has begun appear between the professional gear and the other stuff. In fact with the PS market dwindling there are rumors of major players halting small camera production all together.

 I like it because the smart phone gives the consumer a way to not be burdened with the "I should of brought a camera" guilt complex. And it reduces the PS to practically the lowest common denominator. Simple. Available. Convenient.

 So now... Canon can stop wasting time, effort and resources on these lame PS's and lend their creative genius to some boss DSLRs! Ah Ha! the point emerges! Yes! Better I'll take a medium format camera. Especially if it uses my existing lenses! Or how about a simple firmware update that allows 4K on my 5D? Or how about 300fps?

I am by no means a camera prophet(I think I may have predicted a Nikon-Sony merge at one point -though I still can dream right?) so PS's may find their undeniable niche. Smart phones may just be a stepping stone to some greater technology that leaves cameras behind... Whatever the case whether smart phone or PS or DSLR... or -in a whispered voice- even film based gear... the most important thing remains the subject. What is in front of your lens... or your phone... or...


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