July 13, 2013


There once was a DSLR. It was happy just doing its job as a crop sensor camera. It was named 7D.

Honestly the 7D is one of the worlds most capable DSLRs. At over 8fps and capable of HD video this little beast is a force to reckoned with.

And I reckoned with it. I have taken it all over the world. I put it to the test. And it came through like a champ.

But there always comes that day. The day gear is phased out. Or lost. (Like my 50D in Uganda -Story for another day!)

Some months ago I acquired a 5DIII. And although the 7D still retains some speed advantages and the crop sensor can reach out and capture farther distant subjects, it found itself being left in the bag. Constantly. Consistently.


Image quality. The images that come out of the 5DIII are so clean. Even the high end ISOs are amazingly clean.

Does this mean the 7D has no place in the world?

I am keeping it in my bag still. For now. But regardless we give the 7D a salute for what it is. And what it did.


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