December 13, 2011

The goal

What is better Film or Digital?
What is better Prime or Zoom?
What is better Canon or Nikon?
What is better...

Ok Each of these topics are fun to argue about discuss. They are relevant topics.

They are relevant as far as they help with the "Goal".

And what is the goal? To take pictures of course!

Even that is not quite right. The goal is not to take pictures. It is to have taken pictures... End goal.

So gear is the means.
The finished photo is the ends.

Of course for the picture once it has been manipulated by all our gear, its life is just beginning... Where will it end? Maybe at auction selling for millions. Maybe in a scrapbook. That is a story for another post.

As Photogs what should our focus be? Short answer: The Subject.
The Subject requires its own post as well.

What to take away?

Focus more on what is in front of the camera and less on the gear.

(Sadly I can only give advice as I am confirmed gearbug.)

But remember this: If your hobby is gear then enjoy it, after all, sometimes the journey is the destination.


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