November 14, 2011

Old cameras and film II

Looking at the tonal range of my recently developed film, I am pleased with the way the highlights hold very well. I have long known that digital sensors can't handle this aspect as well as film but it is fun to see it first hand.

Also the Walgreen digitizing process uses a NORITSU KOKI 1.5 Mp camera...

Pretty lame.

Not acceptable.

If I work with film I can't exactly use something that is such low quality(What is this? 2003?)

Anyway the "really old camera" I mentioned before is a Argus C3. This a post-war model apparently sometime between 1946-58. I ran a roll of Kodak Gold 200... It is a completely manual camera. Manual focus. Manual winding. Manual aperture. Manual shutter speed. It was really fun. Especially to see that I got the exposure right dead on where I wanted it.

I want to put some Velvia through this! I've put two rolls of T-Max through... And no one can develop it locally >:(
I am also messing with the idea of processing my own film... This is not super high priority... But I keep you posted.

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