December 30, 2006

A word on sharpness

There is one type of person who spends their time writing (or dreaming) of the adventures in life and then there are the people who are too busy doing those adventurous thing to write about them. I previously was the former, I am currently latter and I attempting to write a bit.

A word about sharpness, I was recently reading an article about he didn't like the sharpness of canons SLR images even with the best and brightest of there lens lineup.

He was saying something about sticking with a semi-pro HP something or other. I regard this as foolishness. If you are fortunate/unfortunate enough to have a point&shoot if you can possibly change the sharpness+/- set it to the lowest possible setting in doing so you are making it possible to enlarge you photo to a greater size without all the jaggies. if you have the in camera sharpness set on high you are putting distinct limits on your photos.

more on this later


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