June 13, 2006

I have over the last few years been doing exhaustive testing on the freeware image software "Gimp" as well as a hack version called "Gimpshop"(very closely resembling Photoshop in style).

As is well known, I do not generally go for image enhancers of any kind. (If you need to enhance, you did something wrong)

There is I believe a place for everything and there are times that an enhancer not only should be used, but it must be used. (this is of course under the assumption that you are going do better next time)

This last month I received a test copy of Photoshop in the mail from Adobe. I have always had an attitude about Photoshop, I have seen too many Photogs go by the wayside because they relied on Photoshop to fix their mistakes, and instead of improving their skills they slowly sunk from Photog to PhotoRepairGuy. Sad. Real Sad.

Never the less having used Gimp for a couple years now I thought testing PhotoShop against Gimp would be useful.

For the last three weeks I have been putting PS through its paces and I am here to tell you that Photoshop CS2 creamed Gimp (as well as gimpshop) and in that process I gained a bit of respect for this software...

use only as a tool or you will start taking shortcuts , devolution of any accomplishments will occur and skills that you may have had will begin to die...

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